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 Colorado Springs, Colorado: A shooting victim, Ke’arre Stewart at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs was a hero then and is a hero now and forever. He touched many peoples hearts.

Robert Dear was apprehended and arrested after a five hour stand-off at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood three people were left dead. One of those victims was Ke’arre Stewart. Stewarts army days ended around a year before the shooting. He worked his way up from a phone representative to a manager for Connect for Health Colorado. One women he worked with, Helen Cisneros 49, of Colorado Springs, remembers him as a hero for being in the military to a hero at Planned Parenthood.

“Ke’arre Stewart was a man that seemed older than 29. He never cared how old a person was to be his friend,  and I was invited to many of his outings,” said Helen Cisneros, 49, his friend and co-worker. “He was in the military for ten years and then came home and was shot at Planned Parenthood, how ironic” she said.

“I remember how soft spoken he was and he always had a smile on his face. He would do anything for someone in need.” Cisneros  said she was a good friend and a co-worker and Stewart was a good manager.

She recalls some texts from Stewart about someone talking and his reply was, “Oh, shots fired,” meaning words spoken of another, she said. When she asked what he meant by that statement, he did not reply.


Minutes before the shooting Ke’arre Stewart and his girlfriend Kentanya Craion just found out she was pregnant. When the shooting started they ran into another room and then Ke’arre disappeared. It seems that military training guided him towards the shots but Craion stayed in the room reluctantly. After they were separated she wasn’t sure where he was.

Stewarts brother, Leyonte Chandler tells KRDO NewsChannel 13, Stewart was likely one of the first shot.  Stewart was there with his girlfriend, confirming she was pregnant with Stewart’s third child.  He stepped outside, and shots started.  He then ran inside to warn others. 


Planned Parenthood Victim

Ke’Arre Stewart Tried to Save Others

First, a hero for Americans going to Iraq in the military and then going inside the building to warn others before he collapsed and died. He may have saved many others.

Cisneros said, “He is a hero both then and now. I will always remember him as my friend and co-worker. He liked helping others and was a family man who left behind two daughters and one child on the way.

The other victims shot were police officer Garrett Swasey, 44 and Jennifer Markovski,


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